Roxie Roxie Road
Roxie MSA

Character Info Edit

Role Chemical Scientist, Client
Location The Headquarters

Roxie Road works at your HQ. She is a chemical scientist who can help you on your adventure by analyzing suspicious substances that may point you to the right direction during a case. Like in the past, Roxie is still very concerned about cleanliness and will get angry if anyone touches her lab equipment, which she constantly cleans (she believes your hands are full of germs). Roxie also appears to dislike co-worker Jenny. Roxie also gives you a dispatch mission called "Snack Thief". Someone has been stealing her ice cream sandwiches from the freezer. She is very busy with her work and needs an agent or two to help figure out who it was. After surveillance and sleuthing, it is discovered that Buddy has been eating the ice cream, because his name had been on the wrappers. Roxie then partially blames herself as she bought the ice cream from a shop called "Buddy's Ice Cream Parlor" and figured he would eat them, thinking that they were his.

Dispatch Missions

Snack Thief

Description- There's a thief on the loose in our HQ -- my ice cream sandwiches keep going missing! The thought of unauthorized fingers all over my food gives me the creeps. Please help!.

Difficulty- 3/5

Duration- 4/12

Skills- Smarts/Charisma

Rewards- New outfits, an HQ object, and a trophy!

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