RosalynPartyPortal Rosalyn P. Marshall
Mayor Rosalyn

Character Info Edit

Role Mayor-Minigame Host
Minigame Hosting Paper Panic!
Festival? Dream Festival
Area Rosalyn's House/Center Flower Garden

Rosalyn P. Marshall runs the minigame, Paper Panic!, in which she needs help collecting all her important papers that have been scattered all over her office. She also hosts the Dream Festival. She lives in the Center Flower Garden at the beginning of the game.


During Minigame Dialogue

  • All of my important documents are blowing all over the office! Can you help collect them? I'd really appreciate it!
  • Thank you! I couldn't have gotten all of my documents without you! Here are everyone's scores.

Dialogue about her Minigame

  • Paper has a habit of blowing away before I give it my official "OK" stamp! With "Speed", you can pick them up quickly!
  • Hey there, (your name)! You can pick up floating papers by jumping. It'll be helpful if you want to pick up a bunch of them.

Miscellaneous Dialogue

  • Nice weather today, isn't it, (your name)? It's such a great day to hold a festival.
  • You know, I think having a variety of fun and interesting festivals will really help (town name) grow.
  • The Dream Festival is meant to be a fun event for everyone and the best festival in (town name)! Did you like it?
  • Hi (your name)! (Town name) has become the most famous town around thanks to you. Please continue to enjoy the festivities!


  • Power- 2
  • Speed- 3
  • Stamina- 2
  • Luck- 2

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