Agent Rosalyn Rosalyn P. Marshall

Character Info Edit

Role Government Agent, Potential Recruit
Location The Mountains, The Headquarters

Rosalyn P. Marshall is a government agent who was called by a ski lodge guest to investigate the kidnapping of Preston Winthrop at the ski lodge in the Mountains. Rosalyn is more like an anti-hero in this game. She and Vic Vector don't really trust you and she feels like she is more important than you and makes you follow all government protocols such as getting the appropriate warrant in order to go up the mountain to look for Preston which you can receive by using Nova's computer in the chalet. When Paul arrives to the ski lodge after everything was found vandalized, she sprung into action and arrested Paul, who was in fact innocent. She would not let him go until you caught the actual criminal, who was actually Preston. After the mystery was solved and Paul's innocence was restored, she and Vic left to return to their agency, although they offer to work as SPA agents for you.


Recruit Message: Agent Rosalyn P. Marshall reporting for duty! Just fill out the necessary requisitions forms, expense reports, and agency transfer documents (in triplicate).


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