Roger is an energetic fitness trainer. He seeks a home in your town, hosts a mini-game in the party town and appears as a member of MorcuCorp during the operation to take over Speedville. He also appears as a recruit for the SPA.


  • Roger makes cameo appearances in MySims Racing (Wii) as an employee for MorcuCorp, and in MySims Agents he mentions something to do with MorcuCorp exercise stuff when you hire him, meaning he may have worked for it before you hired him.
  • Roger could be the uber for Athletic in MySims Agents, because he has five Athletic points.
  • Roger's worst nightmare is to not be able to take a few steps without catching his breath; which can be interpreted to mean being out of shape.
  • Roger appears in SimCity Creator as the Health & Education Advisor for the city.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Roger
  • French: Philippe
  • Spanish: Rogelio
  • Dutch: Roel
  • German: Karl

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