Rob-Template Rob Jarrett

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 5
Role Typical Resident
Residence Name Rob's House

Rob Jarrett is a geek who loves video games. He normally likes to learn how to master a certain combo.


Rob Jarrett speaks softly and carries a big joystick. He is widely recognized as the King of the Combo.




Hotel Introduction

  • Hey, I'm Rob. You ever play that game Plane vs. Eye? I'm playing the MMO version: "World of Plane vs. Eye."

Accept Move-In

  • Yeah, I'll move in. You guys have hi-speed here, right? If I'm gonna get my Eye Shaman to level 50 I gotta have ZERO lag.

After You Build House

  • Man, the class balance in "World of Plane vs. Eye" is awful! The Planes are totally overpowered!!!

Request For More Stuff

  • Man, I just gotta get one more level in "World of Plane vs. Eye"…But I can stop anytime I want, you know…

Star Level 5

  • In Rage Masters 20 Alpha X, if you pick Smarvo and do UP, UP-RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN-LEFT, LEFT, UP-LEFT, Strong Punch, Weak Punch, Strong Kick, you do his Ultra-Hyper-Mega Combo, the Melodious Panic Seismic Drop! MAX DAMAGE!

Best Friend

  • Thanks, [player name]! You rock! If you make a healer, I will totally start over on a new server with you!

Best Friend Reward

  • Arcade Game - Spike blueprint

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