Rob Jarrett is a gamer and he loves destroying his opponents in video games. He will come to the player's town looking for a home, and to the town that hosts festivals.


  • In MySims Agents, a person named Rob hacked into Spencer's account on PallyQuest Online, according to the end of Spencer's mission, H4XX0RD. This most likely is Rob Jarrett, as Spencer refers to him as "The King of the Combo."
  • Throughout his MySims dialogue, Rob speaks of an MMO version of Plane VS. Eye, called World of Plane VS. Eye - a reference to the MMO, World of Warcraft. He also speaks of the class balance, leveling up, servers, and two very familiar classes to MMORPGs, Healers and Shamans.
  • In his MySims profile, it says, "Rob Jarrett speaks softly and carries a big joystick." This is likely a reference to when ex-American president Theodore Roosevelt said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."
  • Rob's name may be a reference to the NES accesory, R.O.B., short for Robotic Operating Buddy.
  • Rob appeared in SimCity Creator on the Wii where he acted as your city's utilities advisor.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Rob Jarrett
  • Spanish: Roberto Jarras
  • French: Alain

Etymology Edit

  • English: Bright fame

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