RichardPortal Richard

Character Info Edit

Role Treasure Hunter (Transitoriness Sailor)

Richard is a man who accidently breaks his compass and sails you across the river in his boat when the bridge is out.

When you reach a good star level, you can play a game with him ONLY at night! Sometimes you could win or he can win!


Name: Richard

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Occupation: Treasure hunter

He lives for adventure and his shooting star and that's about it. He seems to have a sad past...

Character EventsEdit

Richard and the CompassEdit

Richards compass is broken! Get it fixed for him.

Shooting StarEdit

Richard's Shooting Star is now available!

You can now cross the river.

Dream CardEdit

Richard wants to play Dream Card with you. Try win the game!

Strong RichardEdit

Richard is more serious now. Try to beat him!

Serious Richard Edit

Richard is very serious now. Try to beat Richard at his strongest!

Richard`s Tale Edit

Listen to all of Richard`s tales about when he was young!

Adventuring is Great! Edit

You`re Richard`s buddy now! Enjoy the camaraderie.

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