Kingdom Resident Renee Renée

Character Info Edit

Role Nature Preserve Owner
Home Island Renée's Nature Preserve
Interest Nature

Renée is the caretaker of Renée's Nature Preserve. She needs your help to help the animals get aquainted with their new habitats. She will ask you to build a visitor center, which is also her home. She will also ask you to build a castle for Ms. Prissykins, find the crabs, and power the mechanical bull as well as decorate Momma Bear's and Bear Cub's home and construct a bridge. Renée wants you to help taking care of the animals after the story.


The day Renée got to pet a baby pig at the petting zoo, she vowed never to eat meat again. Except lamb chops- those are yummy. Now she runs a nature preserve of her very own!

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