Rate of Spatial Change Contest is a racing mission in MySims SkyHeroesIt uses the stage Chemical Worksite.




  • Alexa: We made it clear. We aren't working for MorcuCorp anymore.
  • Svetlana: I'm taking those planes. Hand them to me or I'll destroy something. Maybe your ENTIRE LAB!
  • Alexa: Are you kidding me?! I have three PhDs and I have to exercise constant vigilance to stop this place from ACCIDENTALLY destroying the universe!
  • Svetlana: *yawn* So?
  • Alexa: SO, blowing it up might not be a great idea!
  • Dr. F: This is the one time I would ever agree with that statement!
  • Svetlana: I want those plans, Dr. F! Your babysitter can try to scare me with her fancy PhDs, but I can always just hurt YOU.
  • You: HEY! What's going on in here?!
  • Svetlana: Bah! Lucky escape for the little doctor.
  • Svetlana: Morcubot #825, come in! Head for the drop zone immediately! I'll meet you there!
  • Svetlana: If you won't give us the plans, we'll go find them ourselves!
  • (Svetlana disappears)
  • You: Dr. F, are you alright?
  • Dr. F: Watch out, penguin! YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS CLIMATE!!
  • You: What?
  • Alexa: We're fine, but those goons are racing to our old MorcuCorp drop point. There are still some upgrade plans for the Ragnarok waiting to be collected there!
  • Dr. F: Yes! You could beat them to it if only you had some manner of crazy flying machine!!

In-Mission IntroductionEdit

  • Svetlana: Must you interfere with EVERYTHING? Your winning streak ends here, traitor!

In-Mission ConclusionEdit

  • Svetlana: You can't always be there to protect Dr. F. Tell him to watch his back!


  • Dr. F: Good news, everybody! [Player name] recoverd the Ragnarok plans and then I  DESTROYED THEM!!
  • Tobor: So it didn't occur to you that SkyForce could have used those plans instead?
  • Dr. F: WHOOPS!
  • Alexa: Well, the important thing is that Morcubus will not be able to make any more modifications to his super-plane.
  • You: So the Ragnarok is incomplete?
  • Dr. F: CORRECT! I never got to install the mp3 player OR the cupholders.
  • Alexa: The truth is, IF they were able to recover the Ragnarok then they've had plenty of time to complete the plans we DID deliever. I would still exercise extreme caution.
  • Tobor: And coming from THIS crew, that is not advice to be taken lightly!


Gold: Horizon Engines 3, Guardian Engines 3

Silver: Horizon Body 3, Guardian Body 3

Bronze: Horizon Wings 3, Guardian Wings 3

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