Raphael-MSSHP Raphael

Character Info Edit

Role Chaos Pirates Pilot
Affiliation Chaos Pirates
How to Unlock Get Silver in Into The Groove

Raphael (pronounced "Raff-i-ell") appears in the Wii version of MySims SkyHeroes as a Chaos Pirates member. His main partner is Rose. He first appears with Rose protecting the Orbital Strike Satellite. Raphael then makes many other appearances throughout the game, including attacking the Gal Force 4 and protecting the Morcubus Colossus. However, he is captured by SkyForce after the Gal Force 4 and you shoot him down. However, you later free him and Rose to gain Morcubus's trust while pretending rejoin the Chaos Pirates. He tells you that he likes puppies. For unknown reasons, Svetlana doesn't like him. 


Set by RaphaelEdit


Involving RaphaelEdit


After Black OpsEdit

  • I like puppies. Who would've thought, eh?

After Game is CompleteEdit

N/A as you cannot speak to him


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