Proto-Makoto Head SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.

The Ragnarok is an important plane in MySims SkyHeroes. The blueprints of the plane were originally made by the Sci-Flyers and given to the Chaos Pirates. The player and SkyForce attack the Super-Plane when it is at 60% of it's power. After shooting down six MorcuBots and Svetlana, Dragomir will come out flying the Ragnarok, but he crashes it. Dragomir and Svetlana continue to try and steal from the Sci-Flyers so they can rebuild the Ragnarok more quickly. Later on in the game, when the Fortune Hunters decide to help SkyForce, Sir Vincent Skullfinder tells them about the almost complete Ragnarok and the player decides to take Skip Rogers and Yuki with her/him to distract MorcuCorp's forces while Vincent sneaks into the MorcuCorp base and steals the Ragnarok. The Fortune Hunters and the player manage to distract Svetlana and Dragomir, but Vincent reveals his true colors and flees from the trio and gives Morcubus the location of SkyForce's secret base. Vincent then leads an assault on SkyForce with a battleship, several MorcuBots and himself piloting the Ragnarok. While Gabby and Violet try to control the bases defenses, you have to chase down Vincent's 100% power Ragnarok and shoot it down. However, after depleting about a quarter of the Ragnarok's health, an antenna on the battleship makes the Ragnarok invincible and causes the SkyForce's defenses to go haywire. You must then dodge mines launched from the ship and destroy the antenna and the battleship so you can defeat Vincent. After doing that, you must then take out the Ragnarok (although it is most likely to have fully healed it's health by now). Once you deplete all its health, it will crash into the water. Gabby will start tinkering with the Ragnarok to get it working, so it may help the SkyForce, but a bomb planted inside it explodes and highly injures Justice. After that, the Ragnarok never appears in the game ever again.

Proto-Makoto Head SPOILER WARNING!!! Spoilers end here.


  • Ragnarok is the name of the Norse apocalypse.
  • The name of the second fight against the Ragnarok, All Your Base, is a reference to the famous quote from the shooter Zero Wing, "All Your Base Are Belongs To Us".

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