Proto-Makoto is a girl who is a robot, and the prototype of Makoto. She was made by Dr. F and she appears in MySims Kingdom and MySims SkyHeroes. She was cut from MySims Agents .

Trivia Edit

  • Proto-Makoto was supposed to be in MySims Agents (since a dialogue icon was made for her) but was removed for some reason.
  • Proto-Makoto is the only character in MySims Kingdom not to be in the story of the island they live on.
  • Proto-Makoto is the only character from The Forest of the Elves that doesn't appear in MySims Agents.
  • Proto-Makoto is the prototype of Makoto, as she mentions that the later models in her series can't be detected as they look exactly like a human.
  • The binary that usually frees her is translated to "!tree".
  • In a recording Proto-Makoto played in MySims Kingdom, Dr. F mentions a Blend-O-Tron, which may be related to the fusion immersion blender in Pinky's dispatch mission in MySims Agents.

Foreign name Edit

  • English: Proto-Makoto
  • Spanish: Proto-Makoto
  • Japanese: プロト誠 (Puroto-Makoto)
  • French: Proto-Makoto