Prospecting Thingy

Prospecting is a way to obtain essences. You get to use a metal-detector looking device (officially called a "treasure finder") to search for essences underground. Prospecting involves a hot-cold style minigame. The prospector will send out circular color signals signifying the distance of the next essence you will obtain. As you get closer to the essence, the circular color signals will change color and become much more rapid. Blue is the farthest signal, with extremely slow beats. It signifies that you are extremely far from the essence you are prospecting for. Green signifies that you are a bit far from the essence and may have to get a bit closer, but still closer than blue. The beats at green are slow and steady. Yellow which means you are getting a bit closer to Essences, but not quite, and the signals are more rapid than green, but not by much. Red signifies that you are extremely close, and the signals are much more rapid. Once you are on the exact spot where the essences are, an option for digging will be available, the beeping sounds are very loud, and the red circle color signals are solid, no longer moving. Once you find your treasure, you may receive about 3 or more of a particular essence. Different locations all have different essences, so prospect in many different places to get a huge variety of essences!

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