These are the locations in MySims SkyHeroes (DS) in the order they are unlocked:

  1. Badlands - a deserty island with a small factory. The sky and water are orange probably meaning it's sunset. You do four missions here: Pilot In Training, Fake Escape, Incoming!, and Final Flight.
  2. Construction Site - a construction site with bulldozers, cranes, etc. It has some sand, cement, and grass. You do three missions here: First Dogfight, First Race, and Race For Plans.
  3. Pirate Cove- a few small islands connected by rope latters. There is a crashed airplane, a pirate ship, a lighthouse, and a cave here. It is very similar to Smuggler's Bay. You do three missions here: Patrol With Barney, Base Defense, and Keep A Cool Head.
  4. Volcano - an island with a gigantic volcano in the center that is erupting with lava. It is very similar to Mount Smolder. You do two missions here: Hyper Beam 1.0 and Race To The Drop.
  5. Supercomputer - a technology themed maze. It is possible that it is inside a computer, explaining its name. You do four missions here: Tech Test Subject, Desperate Battle, Traitor Saves The Day, and Tech For Morcubus.
  6. Tiki Island - the last location you unlock. It is one giant island with a lake and smaller islands in the lake. It has two temples, tikis with opening and closing mouths, and opening and closing venus fly traps. It is very similar to Jungle Temple and Lost Temple. You do four missions here: Tiki Island Recon, Surprise Allies, Stop The Bullies, and Fighting Back!.