Character Info Edit

Role Florist-Festival/Minigame Host
Minigame Hosting Bloomin' Blossoms
Festival? Happy Festival
Area Poppy's Flower Shop, Center Flower Garden

Poppy runs the Bloomin' Blossoms minigame in which she needs watering her flowers in a park out of town. She is also the host of the Happy Festival. If you get a high score for her minigame, she'll move to your town and open a flower shop in the Center Flower Garden part of town. She is responsible for the floral arrangements for the Center Flower Garden.


During Minigame Dialogue

  • I planted a bunch of cute flowers around the park, but they need water to bloom! Can you help me water them?
  • Yay! Seeing all these totally cute flowers, has brightened up my day! Thank you! Here are your scores!

Dialogue about her Minigame

  • The higher your "Speed", the faster you run. I race on over when I see a thirsty flower. They can't bloom without our help, (your name)!
  • Flowers are cute, but some have pointy bees inside. If you run into one you won't be able to move, so "bee" careful! Tee hee!
  • Getting a bee sting doesn't just hurt your skin, it hurts your score! Be careful not to bump into bees. They'll eat your points!!!

Miscellaneous Dialogue

  • Do you know why I came to (town name)? Because of all the pretty FLOWERS! Let's plant flowers everywhere! Yay, flowers!
  • Know what I like? Monuments with lots and lots of FLOWERS! I think flowers can make any building look super cute! Don't you?
  • Hi there, (your name)! I saw you at the Happy Festival earlier. Isn't the festival super cute with all those flowers? I planted those!


  • Power- 1
  • Speed- 4
  • Stamina- 3
  • Luck- 1

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