Kingdom Resident Poppy Poppy
Poppy MySims Kingdom

Character Info Edit

Role Resident
Home Island Cutopia
Interest Cute

Poppy, a gardener with a huge heart for gardening, plants and more importantly, flowers; lives in the castle town of Cutopia with her sister, Violet. Poppy lives in a comfortable cottage on the coast near the island's cute castle. Poppy really loves her sister, Violet. But unfortunately, Violet and Poppy share extremely different interests. Poppy loves cute, bright, and cheerful things, especially colorful flowers. Violet, however, prefers dark, deadly, or just dead flowers in general. She has a garden full of extraordinary flowers and plants which need watering. To perk up the shriveling plants, she'll need a water pump to be installed and connected to her windmill. She will also give you a task to collect all of the flowers around the kingdom after you've saved Cutopia.


Poppy loves flowers and rainbows. And stickers. And bunnies. So she's right at home in Cutopia! However, she's sad that she never gets to see her sister Violet anymore. Poppy thinks Violet would get along with Lord Daniel, who is soooooo nice.

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