Pinky is a teenage, cute girl who is just in love with the color blue.


  • Pinky's name is ironic due to her being obsessed with the color blue.
  • Pinky's voice is more high-pitched in MySims Agents than the other games.
  • Sending her on Makoto's first dispatch mission will cause her to reveal she is currently in high school. This means she is most likely between 14 and 18.
  • A face that resemble's Pinky's appears on the karaoke machine (along with Maria's) in MySims, however, they have red eyes instead of blue.
  • When she talks about St. Bluetrics Day, she is likely referencing St. Patrick`s Day.
  • Her worst fear is everything blue turning black.
  • If you send her on Jenny's dispatch mission, Pinky will reveal she loves Starcruiser X because in one episode the crew landed on a blue planet.
  • Pinky uses the word blue in almost all of her dialogue.
  • After you've completed the main storyline of MySims Agents she says she was worried about you and glad that all of you, with the exception of Evelyn, made it back. This shows that she is capable of pushing aside her obsession and express actual concern for the player.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Pinky
  • French: Rose
  • Spanish: Rosita
  • German: Pinky
  • Swedish: Rosa
  • Japanese: ピンキー

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