Pilot in Training is the first official mission in the game and it acts as a tutorial guide. It is also the first mission to use the stage, Badlands.


  • Follow the tutorial's instructions



In-Mission DialogueEdit

  • Justice: Welcome to MySims SkyHeroes. This tutorial will teach you the basics of flight.
  • Justice: First, we'll need to calibrate your vertical controls to either Natural or Inverted.
  • Justice: With Natural controls, pressing Up will fly upwards and pressing Down will fly downwards.
  • Justice: However, with Inverted controls, pressing Up will fly downwards and pressing Down will fly upwards.
  • Justice: Press Up, to choose Natural, or press Down, to choose Inverted.
  • Justice: Vertical controls set to [chosen controls]. You can change this from the Options menu once this mission is over.
  • Justice: If you want to fly faster, you can use Fenergy (the purple bar) to boost.
  • Justice: Press R to boost, but remember the faster you go, the harder it is to maneuver.
  • Justice: Once you stop boosting, your Fenergy meter will regenerate itself over time.
  • Justice: You can brake by pressing L. This also increases you maneuverability.
  • Justice: Notice the while braking, your Fenergy meter doesn't regenerate.
  • Justice: Next, let's see if you can use some of that Fenergy to pull off an acrobatic maneuver.
  • Justice: Press and hold A or X, then press the d-pad in any direction.
  • Justice: Good. Depending on which direction you press, you'll perform a different maneuver.
  • Justice: Now, let's see how well you can handle those weapons.
  • Justice: Fire your main weapon by pressing B.
  • Justice: Good, just keep in mind that firing your main weapon will use up some of your Fenergy.
  • Justice: And last but not least, Power-Ups. See those red glowing rocket icons floating about?
  • Justice: Pick one up by flying through it, then shoot a rocket by pressing Y.
  • Justice: That covers the basics! Let's see you shoot down 10 of these targets. Good luck!


  • Violet: It seems you are quite skilled, [player name].
  • Finn: I'll say! You fly pretty good for a fella that was half-dead for a few days!
  • Derek: You guys done gushing? I won't believe it until I see it with my own eyes.
  • Justice: You'll get your chance.
  • Justice: I think you could make a real difference to this war.
  • You: ...war? Justice, what is this place, really?
  • Violet: This is the home base of SkyForce, a group of pilots who are prepared to fight for their freedom.
  • Justice: And we need all the pilots we can get. Time have gotten tough. Used to be, a man could fly as he pleased. Everyone was free to use the skyways to make their living.
  • Violet: Now, Morcubus has taken that away from us. His company, MorcuCorp, claims ownership over the sky now.
  • Justice: Food, medicine, anything that we used to trade in the sky - it all has to go through Morcubus now. People can barely get by!
  • You: That's awful! How is one man able to control the entire sky?
  • Derek: Oh, he has help. You ever hear of a group of thugs called the Chaos Pirates?
  • You: Chaos Pirates? That... That actually sounds familiar.
  • Justice: Well, Morcubus hired that whole gang to be his "Special Security Force." Now they get to bully people AND collect a fat MorcuCorp paycheck for their efforts.
  • Finn: That's why Justice and Violet put all'a this together. SkyForce is gonna take the skies back from Morcubus and the Chaos Pirates.
  • Justice: [player name], if you want, you could join us. You could find a home here.
  • Derek: Yeah, sure, if you're good enough.


MSSHGold Gold *Plane Hydraulics - Reflex 100
*Plane Armour - Carbon Fiber
MSSHSilver Silver No reward
Bronze No reward

Successive Mission(s)Edit

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