Picture Perfect Pizza
Picture Perfect Pizza

Picture Perfect Pizza Edit

Host Chef Gino

Picture Perfect Pizza is a minigame run by Chef Gino in MySims Party, and he needs help making perfect pizzas as desired by his customers. This minigame requires concentration.


Look at the sample pizza and arrange toppings to match. The first player to complete the pizzas wins.


Chef Gino: "Help me make one of my world-famous pizzas! Take a close look at the sample pizza and be sure to put on the right toppings!"

After FinishingEdit

Chef Gino: "How did you do? Are you world-famous yet? Let's check the scores!"


Point Wiimote: Move Cursor

A Button: Pick up/Place toppings

B Button: Return topping

Recommended Stat(s)Edit

Festival Appearance(s) Edit

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