Agent Paul Paul Wisniewski

Character Info Edit

Role Former Scientist, Former Commercial Fisherman, Current Yeti, Client
Location The Mountains

Paul Wisniewski, more popularly known as Paul the Yeti is a yeti that lives in a furnished cave with his pet wolf, Wolfah, in the mountains near the Snow Chalet. He is very friendly with Professor Nova as she loves yetis and always wanted to meet one. Poor Paul was framed for destroying the ski lodge by the greedy owner of a bottled water company, Preston. Paul used to be a human, but while working for MorcuCorp, there was an accident while working on a project, The Nightmare Crown. The accident turned him into a yeti and he does not remember how he ended up at the mountains, although he does recall destroying the lab he worked at, due to fighting Morcubus to stop him from using the crown for evil. He worked with two other scientists, Micheal Gray and Cyrus Boudreaux. Paul was framed for "kidnapping" Preston and causing damage to the ski lodge. After your thorough investigation, he is revealed to be innocent and is released from Agent Rosalyn's custody. After the case of the yeti is solved, he and Professor Nova become friendly and he is invited down to the lodge whenever he wants to. He requests help from the Sim Protection Agency, asking for some agents to help him figure out his "past life" (when he was a human). The results are that he was a successful commercial fisherman and even starred in his own movie. Paul also had an alter ego "Yeti" and disguised himself and became a skiing athlete.

Dispatch MissionsEdit

Yeti BeginsEdit

Description- It's time I took stock of my life and faced my past. Can you send a team to help me find out if there was anything particularly good, bad, or just plain important that I did after I became a yeti? I'll try my best to help, but there's only such much I can remember.

Difficulty- 2/5

Duration- 3/12

Skills- Paranormal/Nature

Rewards- New objects and a paint for the HQ!


  • Paul might be Polish since his last name is similar to the highly popular Polish last name Wiśniewski.
  • Paul's name could be considered ironic seeing as how it's definition is "small".
  • Paul is the only character from an area the player must fly to that is not a recruit.
  • Paul may have made a reference to Star Wars when he says, "now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time, a long time."

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