Patrick-Template Patrick Rhino

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 0
Role Resident
Residence Name Patrick's House

Patrick Rhino is one of the remaining residents living in your town when you move in. He stayed behind with a few others as everyone else packed up and left. This retired truck driver absolutely extremely LOVES food and eating. He can often be seen taking strolls around town and dropping by various restaurants such as Chef Gino's pizza parlor or Chef Watanabe's sushi place. By decorating his house with tasty and spooky essences, he will be very happy and award you with a refrigerator blueprint. He seems to be good neighbors and friends with Violet as they can often be seen visiting each other. Patrick also dreams of owning all of the food companies in the town.


Pat Rhino was just a trucker passing through town, but then he fell in love with (town name)'s food. Now (town name) is his home. If only more restaurants would move to town...









Hotel Introduction [if you kicked him out and talk to him in hotel]

  • Hey, Sport! I'm Pat Rhino. Uh, I used to live here. Remember?

Accept Move-In

  • Hey, I'm always ready to call [town name] home, Sport.

After You Build House/First Time You Talk To Him

  • Hey, Sport! I've always liked this place, you know. Could use a few more restaurants, though. I'm hungry!

Request For More Stuff

  • [player name], I heard a rumor. Is it true that you can use Essences to make furniture out of bacon?! Boy, that is a GIFT! A blessing! My stomach's growling again, Sport!

Star Level 1

  • So you wanna fix up the town, eh? Have you ever wanted something so bad you could just taste it? That happens to me all the time.

Star Level 2

  • You know, anybody that moves into town will like getting gifts. If you build them things they really like, they might even give you something back!

Star Level 3

  • Our mayor is always on her phone, huh, sport? Today I heard hear bragging to her Aunt Helen about how well [town name] is doing. I guess that's a good thing!

Star Level 4

  • I'm rooting for you all the way, [player name]. The more the town grows, the more restaurants we can move in! Yum!

Star Level 5

  • Wow! Remember when we first met? Things sure have changed a lot since then, eh, sport? Ha ha!

Best Friend

  • You've been a true friend, [player name]. This place looks so tasty, I wanna take a bite out of the wall!

Best Friend Reward

  • Refrigerator - Rounded blueprint

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