Patrick Rhino loves food! He has a 5 o'clock shadow, dark hair under a black cap, wears a brown jacket over a yellow shirt with blue jeans and sneakers. He lives in a small house and is always hoping for a new restaurant in town. In the city, he is a construction worker, working on a project on Main Street.


  • In MySims he has black hair and tan skin, but in MySims Agents he has brown hair and pale skin.
  • Patrick cameos at the end of MySims Racing.
  • Patrick is the only sim from Star Level 0 in MySims not to appear in MySims Kingdom, excluding Cassandra.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Patrick Rhino
  • Spanish: Patricio
  • Polish: Patryk Nosorożec
  • German: Patrick Nashorn
  • Japanese: パトリック (Patorikku)
  • French: Patrick
  • Korean: 패트릭

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