Oh, hiya pal! It's me, Buddy. Welcome to town name's Opening Festival! I'll do my best to keep things running smoothly! said...

"Buddy the Bellhop"

Buddy the Bellhop

Buddy the Bell Hop is the host of the Opening Festival

The Opening Festival is the first festival in MySims Party. It is hosted by Buddy the Bellhop. It is the only festival that you have to do and the only festival without a theme. Rosalyn, Buddy, and Chef Gino host games in this festival.

Recommended StatsEdit

4 Stamina and 3 Power

5 Speed and 2 Luck




100 points-Opening Garden





Number of Minigames - 3

Number of Team Members - 1

Number of Cards - 2


NOTE: There isn't always a set list, it can change.

1) Bus! Stop! - Helen

2) Gone Fishing - Joseph

3) Soccer Bounce - Tim

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