Olivia is a girl who's often nervous, clumsy, and mysterious. She has brown hair, purple eyes, and wears a maid-like outfit. She always mutters a nervous laugh when talking to others ("Haha..."). She is clumsy and often gets herself stuck under or inside something (such as a table or a suit of armor) and she'll require you to help her get out. She owns a shop on a resort island and in a party town, and often giggles when customers come in. She is also a skilled expert at making rings with the jewels that you dig up when you go Dowsing in the Mountains.

Trivia Edit

  • In MySims Agents DS, Olivia Appears in the menu: Give present on Wireless Communications, and in the ending credits with Violet Nightshade, they are dressing up Weather with accessories.
  • On the box art of MySims DS, Olivia's bow is not visible and her eyes are blue, however in the game itself, Olivia has a bow on her chest and purple eyes. Her hairstyle is also different, her hairstyle is similar to the Emo Hairstyle option given to you whenever you change clothes if you choose a male Sim, while on the cover, she has a hairstyle similar to Pinky's.

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