Gabby-MSSHP Ol' Gabby

Character Info Edit

Role Mechanic
Affiliation SkyForce
How to Unlock Get Bronze in Big Wargame Hunter

Gabriel, better known as Ol' Gabby, appears in MySims SkyHeroes. He gives you your plane, which you get to name at the beginning. On occasion, he wishes for you not to go on missions and sometimes dislikes that new members are coming, since he always has to fix all the planes. Gabby and Violet appear to be in charge of handling the base and it's defenses (as seen before the fourth boss fight) and also appear to be the highest ranking member's of SkyForce besides General Justice. Gabby is one of the few characters in story mode who is never seen flying.


Set by Gabby

Involving Gabby


Before 1st Boss Battle

  • Sure yer ready for this, [player name]? I don't want you crashin' my plane!
  • You got some gumption, kid. Gabby likes gumption.

Before 2nd Boss Battle

  • So we're gonna hire every pilot in the world, huh? an' who's gonna repair all them planes?!
  • Uh-oh. Justice got that look in 'is eye again.
  • Goin' back out on a mission? I'll go buy a new case o' putty for fillin' in the bullet holes. *sigh*

Before 3rd Boss Battle


Before 4th Boss Battle

  • Gabby inspired a poem once...but that were a loooong time ago.

Before 5th Boss Battle

Whilst Undercover

  • [player name]! Ya durn fool! You'll blow yer cover!

Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!

N/A as you cannot speak to them

After Game is Complete

  • Ya saved the world. That took gumption. Gabby likes gumption.

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