Kingdom Resident Gabby Ol' Gabby
Ol' Gabby

Character Info Edit

Role Blacksmith
Home Island Cowboy Junction
Interest Nature

Gabriel, better known as Ol' Gabby, is the elder of the town of Cowboy Junction. He serves as the town's blacksmith who lives on the northern part of the island in a shack which is also his blacksmith. He specializes in horseshoes which is often purchased by his most valuable customer, Chef Gino. Every morning he ventures to the mountains to mine for ore, but will request you to build a bridge so he can access the upper mountains for ore. Ol' Gabby absolutely loves playing his fiddle and seems to have a lazy eye. His bonus tasks include making his shack more livable and making him feel like people can understand his old fashioned way of talking, as many people can't; the solution is "Durn Blarnit, Ratzen Fratzen and Gully Wumper!" At the end of Cowboy Junction he plays the fiddle.


O'l Gabby is a tough as the rock he mines, and just as craggy. His blacksmithing can charitably be described as...rough. Although he's not often seen in polite company, he will occasionally display refined musical ability!

Ol'Gabby's home

Ol' Gabby's home and blacksmith

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