Okay Bouquet is a minigame in MySims Party DS hosted by Poppy. During the minigame, you touch one of five different flowers and drag them to a sheet of paper. It will show what kind of flower the customer wants with an image of what the bouquet should look like. The order does not matter; but if you get one flower wrong or don't include enough of them, your point total will suffer.


All right! Now I'm gonna make everyone be a florist like me!

You have to make super cute flower bouquets!

Using pretty flowers means even prettier bouquet!


Slide a flower on the bottom screen and make a bouquet. They'll leave the store if you don't make the bouquet quickly!

How to PlayEdit

Stylus = Slide a flower and place + Slide to put a flower back

Game HintEdit

If you move a wrong flower, you can slide it back to its original position.

Stats requiredEdit



Points earned

[score in minigame] x 1 = [final score]

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