Noelle-Template Noelle

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 5
Role Resident
Residence Name Noelle's House

Noelle is a tasty young girl who likes cookies. She talks about cookies often and loves to eat them too. Noelle looks very similar to Clara Belle. She has pale skin and brown hair that is pulled into pigtails with a flower in her hair. Unlike Clara, she wears glasses, a yellow apron with a bitten cookie on it, and has blue eyes instead of green eyes.

Profile Edit

Noelle’s goal in life is to invent (and then patent) the world’s first dough-less cookie.

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Hates Edit

Dialogue Edit

Hotel Introduction Edit

  • Hi, I'm Noelle. Do you like cookies?

Accept Move-In Edit

  • If the cookie's your town, I'll be the chocolate chip. Count me in!

After You Build House Edit

  • This house looks so delicious! I'm so excited to move in!

Request For More Stuff Edit

  • Hmmm...I'd say my house right now is an oatmeal raisin. I wish it was a chocolate chip. Can you make it better?

Star Level 5 Edit

  • The best thing about cookies is how you consume them and they taste good.
  • I bet macaroons are a really exciting cookie if your name's Mac. If your name's not Mac, I bet they're pretty average. They're pretty average to me, and my name's Noelle.
  • Have you ever had a cookie coma? I had one once when I ate 97 cookies and 14 glasses of milk. Man, I felt tired!
  • If you follow bread crumbs for long enough, you'll always find treasure at the end...except when you find some guy carrying a big bag of bread with a hole in it. Then you just meet up with that guy and it's kind of awkward.

Best Friend Edit

  • This house is rich and delicious, even better than the perfect cookie! Thanks for all your help!

Best Friend Reward Edit

  • Pizza Oven - Pizza blueprint


  • Noelle's name also means "Christmas", which may relate to her cookie obsession as cookies are often considered an iconic holiday treat in popular culture.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Noelle
  • Spanish: Noelia
  • Japanese: ノエル
  • French: Natacha