Nightmare Realm

Morcubus opening a portal

Nightmare Realm2

Evelyn attempting to stop Morcubus

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The Nightmare Realm is a different dimension that can only be entered if you open a portal with the Crown of Nightmares. The place is full of every Sim's worst nightmare (for example: Travis' nightmare is a new phone coming out that is sold out, and Leaf's nightmare is hot tubs turning into ghost trees). At the end of MySims Agents, Morcubus tries to open a portal to this realm, but is trapped in there along with Evelyn Gray. If you complete all of the dispatch missions, Walker offers You one last dispatch mission in which portals to the Nightmare Realm are opening all over the city. You send your agents into the portal with Walker to investigate. They find both Evelyn and Morcubus, and Walker calls you with this news, stating that Evelyn can be rescued, but this would mean releasing Morcubus. On the other hand, they can abandon Morcubus and save the world, but leave Evelyn trapped in the Nightmare Realm forever.

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Trivia Edit

  • According to Roxie, there is no dust in the Nightmare Realm.