Mystery Banana Tree

Mystery Banana Tree Edit

Host Sasha

Mystery Banana Tree is hosted by Sasha. She has found a banana tree that never stops growing bananas. One player will catch the falling banana's with a basket. The other players will try to prevent the other player from catching bananas by grabbing the bananas, as they fall, with mechanical arms.

Rules Edit

1 vs. 3 battle. Collect bananas to win! One player catches with a basket, and the others use arms.

Description Edit

Sasha: While I was traveling, I found this really crazy banana tree! No matter how many bananas you pick, it never runs out! Come check it out!

Controls Edit

Basket (1 player)

Tilt left/right: Move

Arm (3 players)

Point Wiimote: Move cursor

A: Extend arm

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Festival Appearance(s) Edit