Hoax-Morcubus The subject of this article is considered a hoax, but the page exists to explain the background information and origins of this subject. Hoax-Morcubus

MySims Underwater Fantasy, also known as MySims Undersea Tales was once thought to the next game in the MySims series, after MySims Agents. However, it turned out to be fake.

Where did it come from?

This 'game' was first observed on Wikipedia as an upcoming game to the series, which led to its creation on this wiki. However, there has been some controversy whether this game was in fact an upcoming game. There were no sources on Wikipedia to back up MySims Underwater Fantasy nor any relevant search results when typed into a search engine such as Google.

Searching for the truth

User BlankyXP got in contact with a MySims Team member via email and they were able to debunk this false game. Here are their exact words:

Unfortunately, I can assure you there isn’t going to be a "MySims Underwater Fantasy", and I am guessing those rumors might have started when that person might have seen one of our background concept artist’s level design* for Atlantis. Early in production this was going to be one of the levels in MySims Agents, but it got cut. So yes it is a fake rumor. The artist had designed a space level too, which also got cut.

* The level designs of Atlantis and space they referred to may have been shown at an EA game convention, or some other public game convention showing off MySims Agents.


"MySims Underwater Fantasy" is a hoax. The game has been officially confirmed not real. Please see this page's talk page here, for details.

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