MySims Mobile
Platform Mobile Phones
Rating N/A
Release Date December 3, 2008

The game

Mobile Sims

MySims for mobile phones hosts similar gameplay to its Nintendo DS counterpart. It can be bought on certain phones and services just like any other game available on a cell phone. It has 2D graphics, unlike the 3D graphics engine of the Wii and DS versions of the game. Like the Nintendo DS version, the Mobile version of MySims hosts a variety of 6 minigames, including Fishing, Racquetball, Lei Making, Sushi, Paragliding and Skydiving.

Official Description

Explore the world of MySims™ in your mobile phone. Settle in a new city and bring it to back life! Make friends with local characters and bring the city back to life! Create your MySim character and choose his appearance, and then set him off to a journey, carrying out tasks on his way. Make new friends, each possessing unique interests. And it depends only on you if the city will become prosperous again!


In MySims for the Mobile, your town has been devastated by an extremely violent storm. You, the player, must help rebuild the town to its former glory, attract tourists, and play minigames. You are on a quest to collect six gems to supposedly help rebuild the town.


The cast of characters in the Mobile version of MySims is similar to the cast of characters available in the DS version with certain characters not in game and new characters appearing. Most characters have new roles.

For a full list, see the Character Portal

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