Ms. Prissykins
Miss Prissykins

Animal Info Edit

Animal Cat
Home Island Renée's Nature Preserve

Ms. Prissykins is a picky white cat that lives on Renée's Nature Preserve and was apparently famous before she retired there. Renée has a task for you to build a tower for Ms. Prissykins to live comfortably in. It must be tall so she can see the whole park. Then you must guide her up to the top of the tower. After reaching the highest level of King Points, Renée asks you to make Ms. Prissykins's tower more elegant.

In MySims Agents, Renée states that she still has Ms. Prissykins. It is also revealed that when Renée is sent on Jenny's dispatch mission, Ms. Prissykins likes to watch home design shows, but has to trade off with Percy because of his love for Starcruiser X. She is also mentioned if Renée is one your squad for the mission F, Robot. Renée sends a text asking which one of her pets should sniff out the robot: Percy or Ms. Prissykins.