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Ms. Nicole Vogue is a fashion model and fashion expert, always with the latest fashion and owns a string of boutiques, including one in your town, and has her own clothing line. She may seem a bit snooty, but she's almost always willing to give advice about fashion to Sims who may need it. She also has a twin sister named Shirley, who she believes to be quite "tacky". Ms. Nicole also served as Cyrus Boudreaux's personal fashion assistant before his death.


  • As revealed in the dispatch mission One More Time, Nicole's biggest fear is for all of her clothes to turn into discount clothes.
  • Derek is related to Nicole as revealed in MySims Agents.
  • Ms. Nicole's regular outfit is worn in all of the MySims series except for MySims Agents where she is wearing a yellow dress.
  • Her last name, Vogue, means "Something that is in Fashion," which makes sense since she has a boutique.
  • When you enter furnishing mode in her boutique, there is some a glitch that lets you place anything on the middle tables, even though they are occupied by two piles of clothes and a flower.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Ms. Nicole
  • Spanish: Doña Nicoleta
  • French: Mlle Emma
  • Polish: Madame Nicole
  • Japanese: ミス・ニコール

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