Mrsuckers Mr. Suckers

Character Info Edit

Role Clara's Pet Kraken
Location The Boardwalk

Mr. Suckers is Clara's pet kraken and friend. Clara tells Taylor about the friendly kraken but she doubts his existence telling Clara that "he's just your imaginary friend". His favorite hobby is having tea parties, especially with Clara. Upon arriving at the beach, Luke, a local surfer, tells you about his broken surfboards. After some questioning of several beachgoers, you learn about a giant squid and find out it was the squid. Mr. Suckers did not mean to cause damage, but he was in such frustration and disaray when a submarine, driven by Yuki, snooping around Mr. Suckers' habitat caused him to go wild. He explains you his situation at a tea party, with Clara translating from squid language to English so you can understand. Mr. Suckers also enters a beauty pageant, but accidently sabotages himself. He won the pageant after your agents figured out that he sabotaged himself. Mr. Suckers also seems to be a juggler.


  • There are squid's tentacles coming out of the water in MySims SkyHeroes in one of the areas. These tentacles could possibly be Mr. Suckers's tentacles.

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