MorcubusHeadDS Morcubus

Character Info Edit

Residence Speedville
Role Resident

Morcubus appears in MySims Racing (DS). He does not speak of MorcuCorp or have any big evil aspect on the game but sometimes he will say "Yes! My evil plan can finally fall into place!!" Occasionally, he appears in mini-races.


Favor 1

Objective: Drive MORCUBUS to the BRIDGE in TOWN.

Introduction dialogue: It is I, the abhorrent Morcubus! For reasons unknown, I demand a ride to the Bridge! Mwah-ha-haaaa!

Thanking dialogue: YES! Now my work can begin...

Reward: 30 Green Essence Coins and 10 Red Essence Coins

Favor 2

Objective: Drive MORCUBUS to the MUSEUM in the SEASIDE before time runs out.

Time: 59 Seconds

Introduction dialogue: The insidious Morcubus returns! Now I must consult with an Ancient Power! Now, take me to... the SKULLFINDER MUSEUM, and QUICKLY!

Thanking dialogue: YES!, it is ALL going according to plan...

Reward: 60 Green Essence Coins and 20 Red Essence Coins

Favor 3

Objective: Drive MORCUBUS to the GOTH BOY'S HOUSE in the FOREST.

Introduction dialogue: The terrible MORCUBUS is very concerned about rumors of a spooky house. Non can be more terrifying than me! Take me to this...this "Goth Boy."

Thanking dialogue: Bah! I've owned hamsters scarier than that place. Morcubus is reassured!

Reward: 90 Green Essence Coins and 30 Red Essence Coins

Favor 4

Objective: Drive MORCUBUS to the BEACH in the SEASIDE.

Introduction dialogue: It is time to form my invincible Army of Chaos! I think I'll start by recruiting... MEL THE MUMMY! ...I think he's at the Beach or something.

Thanking dialogue: Now, to find even more troops my army!

Reward: 120 Green Essence Coins and 40 Red Essence Coins and Horns Blueprint

Favor 5

Objective: Drive MORCUBUS to the LABORATORY in the FOREST.

Introduction dialogue: Which is the greater power? That of mad science, or that of mad sorcery? I must know! I cannot allow this "Dr. F" to become a threat to my plans. To the LAB!

Thanking dialogue: I've never met Dr. F. Now I wish I'd brought a small gift. Oh well!

Reward: 150 Green Essence Coins, 50 Red Essence Coins, and Morcubus's Blueprint

Favor 6

Objective: Drive MORCUBUS to the STATUE in the TOWN.

Introduction dialogue: It is time for the final stage in Morcubus' terrible plan! Take me to... THE STATUE IN THE MIDDLE OF TOWN! Mwah-ha-haaaa!

Thanking dialogue: It is complete! Now... we wait

Reward: 90 Pink Essence Coins and Rose Blueprint

Rewards Summary

  • 450 Green Essence Coins
  • 150 Red Essence Coins
  • 90 Pink Essence Coins
  • 3 Blueprints


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