Morcubus MSR Icon Morcubus

Character Info Edit

Residence Stunt Land Theme Park
Car Weight Class Medium
MorcuCorp? Yes
Role Rival Racer, CEO of MorcuCorp

Morcubus is the CEO, owner, and founder of the company MorcuCorp. He is rivals with Sir Charles and against him because Sir Charles wouldn't sell the town of Speedville to him so he could turn it into a landfill. To solve this problem, he shot down Sir Charles in his hot air balloon so Speedville would be forced to surrender. He has his employees sent to Speedville in order to run you out of town so he can continue his diabolical plan and take control. If he can't rely on his skill he'll cheat, steal, and lie his way to the finish line. He threatens Gabriel to give up Speedville at the begining of the game. He finally confronts you at Star Level 4, but he loses. He returns at the Ultimate Cup with Mel the Mummy, Brandi and Star at his side ready to take you down. He loses and keeps his word and leaves Speedville alone. He is revealed to have threatened to harm Poppy if Violet didn't join him and attempt to drive You out of Speedville.


MSR-Burning Lap The Test of Time

Aim: Beat the given time to complete the challenge!

Introduction: At last we meet, [player name]. I must say I'm a bit disappointed. I imagined some with more ... experience. // I imagine you wish to race Morcubus the Abhorrent ... but you'll have to beat his time first. Will thee undertake this challenge?

Gold Target: 98 seconds

Silver Target: 103 seconds

Bronze Target: 110 seconds

Course: Pinball Canyon

Completion: My, you are a fast one, indeed. I guess there's no harm in a little, heh, "friendly" race ...

Reward: MSR-Engine F-Energy Tech Engine

MSR-1 v 1 The Red Baron

Aim: Reach the finish line before Morcubus.

Introduction: And here you are, [town name]'s foolhardy son, about to face the vile Morcubus in a one-to-one race. Any last words? // No? Then, shall we begin?

Gold Target: Beat Rival Racer by 8 seconds

Silver Target: Beat Rival Racer by 4 seconds

Bronze Target: Beat Rival Racer by 0 seconds

Course: Pinball Canyon

Completion: Impossible!!! You have bested me this time, child, but the horrifying Morcubus and his cohorts will be back for the Ultimate Cup. BEWARE!!!

Reward: MSR-Front Lights Gothic Rush, MSR-Front Object Skulls, MSR-Rear Object Bat Wings

Car Stats

Morcubus Car Stats

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