Kingdom Resident Morcubus Morcubus

Character Info Edit

Role Baron
Home Island Spookane
Interest Spooky

Morcubus is a wicked, deadly, sly and evil man who lives in a haunted castle on Spookane. He tries to stop you from getting to his castle by several ways including Yuki the face biter guarding the bridge to the swamp, a locked gate with Zombie Carl in possession of the key, a giant sign of Grandma Ruthie's Chocolate Chip Cookies in the way of the bridge leading to the castle and opening the gate of Morcubus's castle. After getting past all of the obstacles, he finally gives you the Book of Life. After that he requests that his castle yard be decorated and made more spookier. Morcubus then wants some help thinking of a new evil plan from the player. He apparently wants to stage an invasion on the kingdom with monsters, but his plans fail so much, the player doesn't worry. Morcubus can be seen visiting Grandma Ruthie from time to time.


The abhorrent being known as Morcubus has come to our world to collect occult lore and arcane knowledge. He already possesses the secrets of death, undeath, quasi-death, and pseudo-death. With a good cheesecake recipe, he'll be nigh-unstoppable!

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