Morcubus-Template Morcubus
Morcubus Mad

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 5
Role Resident
Residence Name The House of Morcubus

Morcubus is a wicked and sly man dressed in scarlet red and has very spiky red hair. He claims to be the master of darkness and all of the spooky Sims.


Beyond time and space there is a world of black fire. From the heart of this maelstrom of horrors was born the abhorrent Morcubus, prince of monsters, a being who inhales joy and breathes out pure terror! ... He's actually a pretty good guy, once you get to know him.




Hotel Introduction

  • I am the terrible Morcubus! Does my awesome presence not make you quake?

Accept Move-In

  • You wish me, the vile Morcubus, to reside in the realm of [town name]? You are a brave soul indeed…

After You Build House

  • Acceptable. This dwelling is deemed worthy of me, the appalling Morcubus!

Request For More Stuff

  • I, the horrifying Morcubus, demand more Spooky totems in my [town name] dwelling. I wish my presence here to be felt across ALL dimensions!

Star Level 5

  • Mel the Mummy…Yuki…Violet…Raven…Ray….Esma….Crystal…Blaine…They are all the spooky disciples of the dread MORCUBUS! My army of fear knows no boundaries!

Best Friend

  • You have given much to me, the inconvenient Morcubus. Maybe we could hang out? Morcubus does not have many friends…

Best Friend Reward

  • Toilet - Insidious blueprint

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