MorcuBots-MSSHP Morcubots

Character Info Edit

Role Robot, Pilots for Chaos Pirates
Affiliation Chaos Pirates
How to Unlock Default

Morcubots are robots in MySims SkyHeroes. They were made by Morcubus and the Chaos Pirates to attack and eliminate any aircraft flying under SkyForce. They are probably the most common enemies in the game, as they appear as enemies in nearly every mission in the game but they're the only worker of the Chaos Pirates not to appear in any of the cut-scenes. Their appearance is a gray body with white lines and two red eyes. Also, there are over 800 MorcuBots, as told by Svetlana.



Trivia Edit

  • Since Dr.F used to work for MorcuCorp, it's entirely possible that he is the one who designed and built the first prototype MorcuBot. It's also possible that he initially planned to make it a robot to fill a type of benevolent servant role, until Morcubus "acquired" the design and mass-produced it to make his own army.
  • MorcuBots are the only robot characters in Mysims Skyheroes along with T.O.B.O.R.

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