MorcuCorp headquarters

MorcuCorp is business run by the villainous Morcubus. It is a company that is plotting to takeover Speedville and turn it into a landfill. Its employees try to defeat the player in races in order to run him/her out of town. It seems that some of the employees may have been forced to join the company out of fear, for example, Violet was threatened that if she didn't join, Morcubus would harm Poppy. They are responsible for the disappearance of Sir Charles, the town's top racer. At Star Level 3, Violet Nightshade and Star (who pretends to be Julie) confront the star racer but lose both individually and in the Snowy Cup. At Star Level 4, Mel the Mummy threatens to curse the star racer, but is beaten, then Brandi wants to challenge you, but is defeated as well and Morcubus himself wants to race you, but is shockingly beaten. All of the latter (excluding Violet, who showed regret for her actions) challenge the star racer, Chaz McFreely, DJ Candy and King Roland in the Ultimate Cup, but all four are beaten and MorcuCorp leave town and let everyone be.


MorcuCorp meeting

A meeting at MorcuCorp

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