Mira-MSSHP Mira Cull

Character Info Edit

Role Pilot
Affiliation SkyForce, Air-and-Sea Patrol
How to Unlock Complete Diversionary Tactics

Mira Cull appears in MySims SkyHeroes. She is Admiral Cull's daughter. Mira is a part of the Air-and-Sea Patrol along with Lyndsay, and her father. She knows Barney needs to fish when he's frustrated. She fixes broken parts of the ship and often helps Lyndsay with getting it ready for battle. Mira gets captured by Morcubus and the Chaos Pirates. In one level she is trapped in a cell where you have to destroy Morcubus Colossus.


Set by Mira


Involving Mira



  • Thanks for joining us, [player name]! It's hard work patrolling so much air and sea.

After Fighting Patrol

  • It's so nice getting to spend quality time with my dad: flying planes, shooting down enemies, dodging bullets ...

After Diversionary Tactics

  • Grr... those Fortune Hunters are so aggravating! Flying for money... that's just wrong!

After All Rhodes Lead To Morcubus

  • It's so good to be back! Morcubus' food was awful!

Before Mega Shark vs... YOU!

  • Destory that flying fortress for me, [player name]. Make sure no one has to eat Morcubus' food ever again!

After Game is Complete

  • You're a heckuva pilot, [player name]! You're everything Justice said and more! And hey, thanks again for coming after me. I can't imagine what my poor daddy was going through!

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