Minigames are one of the main important ways to improve your town in the DS versions of the MySims games, and the Wii version of MySims Party. As you improve and get higher scores, you can get rewarded with something good. There are many different fun and exciting activities being hosted by friendly neighbors and townsfolk who need your help to accomplish various tasks.

MySims (DS)Edit


Tic Tac Trump

Dodge the Thief





Lei Making

MySims Kingdom (DS)Edit




Ski Jump


Balloon Present

Vegetable Vendor

Ghost Blaster

Snowball Fight

Dream Card

MySims PartyEdit

See also: Category:Minigames to see a list of minigames featured in MySims Party

Bell Hopscotch

Bloomin' Blossoms

Blue Blox

Brave the Cave

Bug Me!


Carrot Crop

Clara Says...


Crystal Clarity

Drama 101

Dress for Success


Flamin' Bacon

Ghost Blaster

Ginny's Jumpers

Give me a C.H.E.E.R.!

Go! Go! Dancing!

Guitar Rockstar

Hair Repair

Hot Wasabi!

Ice Cream Dream

King of the Combo

Knight in Training

Liar Liar

Lily Pad Rapids

Make the Band!

Match'em Fashion

Missed Call

Mystery Banana Tree

Ninja Star

Paper Panic!

Picture Perfect Pizza

Piggyback Rally

Play Along Piano Songs


Quiz Show Showdown


Saucer Shot

Sim Fu 100-Tiger Strike

Speedy Sushi Delivery

Star Gazer

Starship Panic!

Stick the Trick

Surprise Event (Not really a minigame, but rather an event)

Treasure Tram

Way of the Cannonball

Where's my Mummy?

Wood Shop Wood Chop

Yummy in my Tummy

MySims Party (DS)Edit

Pass and Check

Soccer Bounce

Okay Boutique

Pretty Pottery

Spaghetti Spin-Off

Vroom Service

My Mix Masters

Skull Finder

Clap Happy

Mallet Melee

Soft Service

Hush Hush Library Rush

Fashion Reaction

Haunted Hunted

Sim-Fu Showdown

Sudsy Salon

Sushi Scramble

Crystal Clear

Spotlight Please!

Petal Platform Peril

Shuffle Cup

Catch the Crook

Hang Gliding Hurricane

Signal Search

Hidden Treasure

Skating Scamper

Chemistry Calamity

Plane Pop

Spotting Safari

Key to Success

Fortune Finders

Bumper Boat Battle

Fashion Mogul

Perfect Slot Jackpot

Sleeping Sophie

Pastry Puzzle

Air-Guitar Star

Bus! Stop!

Clothing Cut-Out

Gone Fishing

MySims Agents (DS)Edit

Kite Surfing



Amazing Maze

Capture Duel

Radar Run

Covert Customer!

Challenge DJ Candy!

Set Off Some Fireworks!

Gem Mining


  • In MySims Party, most of the minigame hosts have a lot of a stat that the minigame they host specializes in. For example, Roxie has a lot of power, since her minigame, Ice Cream Dream, uses power.

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