Midnight Madness - IconMidnight Madness
Midnight Madness - Selection Screen

Character Info Edit

Climate Night, Clear
Number of Missions 4

Midnight Madness is a sci-fi themed location in the console version of MySims SkyHeroes. You race here twice as well as partaking in two dogfights.


This map features a landing pad, and a canyon-like appearance. The most distinct feature is the giant head replica of Dr. F. This replica, looks as if it's made of steel, has eyes glowing blue, and around it's eyes are transfusion tubes. You can go inside his head by either going in and out of his ears, or going through his mouth and coming through the back of its forehead. In addition to its head replica, Midnight Madnesss has a steel tube which you can fly through. It has electric antennas that can stop you.

Missions Using Midnight MadnessEdit