Mel-Template Mel

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 0
Role Mummy
Residence Name Mel the Mummy's Crypt

Mel is the uber spooky Sim that will arrive in your town once its Town Interest reaches a 100% spooky rating. Being a mummy, he normally walks in a mummy's pose and groans instead of talking. That could also be due to his mouth being covered by cloth. He seems to laugh at his own jokes quite often.


Mel the Mummy believes that you can add interest to any room with just a few tasteful knick-knacks—for example, decorative jars filled with your vital organs.









Hotel Introduction

  • Hello, I am Mel. This seems to be a wonderful place for me to rest....eternally! Hahahaha!

Accept Move-In

  • Move here? Yes, it seems like a wonderful place to live....eternally! Hahahaha!

After You Build House

  • You have provided me with an adequate resting place...hehehehe!

Request For More Stuff

  • I wish to be surrounded by more darkness, by more...things of the deep...hahahaha!

Star Level 1

  • Hi!

Star Level 2

  • As a card-carrying member of the undead elite, I'm allowed to curse up to three people per day. Oh, but don't worry, I won't curse you. That Buddy guy, however...

Star Level 3

  • I was out haunting the other night, just minding my own business, when this vampire jumped out and tried to bite me. That's so old school!

Star Level 4

  • I'm petitioning to have the sun removed. I think that would best for everyone.

Star Level 5

  • Never ask a woman her age, especially if she's 4,023 years old. Trust me! I got cursed big-time. I'll never look at vermin the same way again.
  • In my lifetime, I have ruled over 4 kingdoms, lived in 17 palaces and lorded over 40,000 million subjects. But I have never, ever figured out why people find bacon so delicious.
  • I have an itch, but I can't scratch it. The horrors!
  • I hardly remember what I look like. It's kind of sad really...
  • Let me tell you about gauze as a garment...not good.
  • Mummy doesn't sound that much like the word "Mommy." I'm sick of the puns!
  • Do you think Mel is an unusual name for a mummy? Why, it's short for Melthutamenemopet, of course!

Best Friend Reward

  • Mel's Outfit + Pink Version Of It
  • Sarcophagus - Mel's blueprint