Melthutamenemopet, or more commonly known as Mel the Mummy or simply Mel, is a mummy who constantly laughs at his own jokes. He comes to your town in hopes of settling down, for his slumbering passover to the shadows of eternity...after causing some mischief, of course! He also comes to a different town and he comes to Speedville while working for MorcuCorp.

Trivia Edit

  • In MySims, if Mel's head wrappings are removed, his mouth is revealed to be the mouth that Linda and Karine have, which seems to appear somewhat like lipstick. This might have been put in as comic relief for players who were curious to find what was under his wrappings, or they just gave him a random mouth to use.
  • Mel is the only uber Sim that doesn't appear in MySims Agents.
  • Mel is the first uber Sim that appears in a DS version of a MySims game.
  • Ironically, Mel complains about the "Mummy-Mommy" puns in MySims, but his mini-game uses this pun in MySims Party.
  • When Mel says "A vampire came out", he could be talking about Yuki or Blaine.
  • In MySims, Mel sometimes talks about cursing Buddy. This may be why he always falls over.
  • He is one of the deceased sims along with Cassandra, Cyrus, and Carl.
  • When people are mummified, their vital organs are removed, including the stomach. Since Mel is a mummy, he may have had his stomach removed, which may explain why he dislikes Tasty.
  • In MySims, ​Mel just moans and grunts when he talks, whereas in MySims Party, ​he does have a specific voice type. (Buddy's to be exact)

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Mel the Mummy
  • Spanish: Mel la Momia
  • French: Molly la Momie
  • German: Griseldo die Mumie
  • Italian: Mel la Mummia
  • Japanese: メル (Meru)