Icon Master Aran
Master Aran

Character Info Edit

Role Kickboxing/Martial-Arts Trainer
Business Mojo Dojo
Residency Greenwood Forest

Master Aran owns a martial arts dojo, "Mojo Dojo", in the Greenwood Forest neighborhood of Speedville. He wants to teach the star racer racing style of Sim-Fu in two lessons in Tree Logger Trail. Aran then holds a charity race around Crater Lake. When graduation comes, Master Aran realizes all of the belts have been spread around Darkwood Falls and Aran wants you to get them. Aran also made a book about Sim-Fu.


MSR-Burning Lap The Tenacity of the Badger

Aim: Beat the given time to complete the challenge!

Introduction: The Badger Style is one in which the fighter never, ever gives up! Not when he's down. Not when he's up. Not even when the fight's over! // Anyway, in this challenge I want you to hang on like the badger, and drive far as far as you can! // Well, little badger, will you face this grueling trial?

Gold Target: 80 seconds

Silver Target: 86 seconds

Bronze Target: 96 seconds

Course: Tree Logger Trail

Completion: HIYA! Feet of a thousand Badgers!!! I'm thoroughly impressed! Here, take this as a symbol of your tenacity.

Reward: MSR-Frame Tungsten, MSR-Body Muscle Car

MSR-Beat The Clock Fast Like A Cheetah

Aim: Pass as many gates as possible before the time runs out.

Introduction: Hello, friend! Did you know the power of Sim Fu can help you become a better driver? It's all in my new training book. // Before I can teach you, however, you must prove you are fast enough, fast as the TRIPLE CHEETAH CHOP!!! // So, are you ready to learn the ancient secret techniques of Sim Fu?

Gold Target: Pass 20 gates

Silver Target: Pass 15 gates

Bronze Target: Pass 10 gates

Course: Tree Logger Trail

Completion: Even when the lights are out and everyone's gone home, he fights on. It's actually a bit annoying ...

Reward: MSR-Front Object Angry Badger

MSR-Race Dojo Race

Aim: Finish the race in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.

Introduction: Tin Butterfly Stance!!! My Dojo is organizing a charity race, and we would be honored to have you represent us. // Can we count on you, [player name]?

Gold Target: 1st Place

Silver Target: 2nd Place

Bronze Target: 3rd Place

Course: Bayou Boardwalk

Completion: You were magnificent, like my naked mole rat technique! Here, you deserve this.

Reward: MSR-Frame Alloy, MSR-Front Bumper Rammer

MSR-Item Collect For Honor

Aim: Find as many belts as you can before time runs out.

Introduction: Ah! [player name]! Please, I need your help! The wind blew away the silk belts I had prepared for the graduation ceremony. // You must find them before the ceremony ends, or the ceremony will be canceled! The honor of my school is at stake! // Can you help me? I will be forever grateful.

Gold Target: Collect 64 items

Silver Target: Collect 52 items

Bronze Target: Collect 40 items

Course: Darkwood Falls

Completion: Ah! You found them all! You truly are a great warrior! PLease take this for your heroic effort.

Reward: MSR-Horn Buzzer

Best Friend Reward

  • MSR-Special Differential

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