Agent AranMaster Aran
Master Aran MSA

Character Info Edit

Role Client, potential recruit
Location The Headquarters

Master Aran is a potential recruit for your team of agents. To be able to recruit him, successfully complete his dispatch mission, "Penguin Style". After completing the mission and getting your reward from Jenny, Master Aran will be available to recruit.

Dispatch Missions

Penguin Style

Description: As you know, Sim Fu takes its inspiration from many animals. But there is one animal whose characteristics I haven't been able to incorporate into my arts: the penguin. Maybe you could spare a few students to help me develop this new style.

Difficulty: 5/5

Duration: 3/12

Skills: Athletic, Nature

Reward: An object for the HQ and a new recruit!


Aran Recruit Profile

Recruit Request Message: Triple-Talon Eagle Strike!!! Recruit me, [player name], and I will bring the secrets of Sim-Fu to your crime-fighting team. Will you accept?!


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