MartinAPortal Martin

Character Info Edit

Role Taxi driver
Location Autumn Bay

Martin is a taxi driver, it costs $100 to ride in his cab. You can ride it to such places like the Open Meadow, the East Village, and lots of other places, where there's a stop. Martin enjoys snacks and sweets, loves hip hop, and his last occupation was a pilot.

When you first come to Autumn Bay "Martin" drives you to town hall and in the evening of that day, he will give you a tour of Autumn Bay. After the tour you end at your house, where "Martin" gives you and Joshua "drinks". After "Martin" leaves you and Joshua fall unconcious. Later two people who look like Martin are trying to prove that he is the real Martin. After finding the impostor was the Martin you knew from the begining of your case, Joshua tackles him, reavealing him to be Thief V! After a game of hide and seek, Martin is back on the road again!


He drives people around in his "darling" yellow taxi. ...Even though he still hasn't finished paying off the loan for it.


Hide-and-seek with Martin

Martin has started a hide-and-seek game to pass the time! Find Martin within the time limit, but don't be fooled by the fakes who are disguised as Martin!

Martin's taxi

Martin's taxi on the road

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