MaragaretPortal Margaret

Character Info Edit

Role Curio Shop owner

Margaret is a woman who you will meet in the mountains in her curio shop on your island town. She is often very demanding and will try anything to improve her store and get more customers. Her merchandise often includes a variety of gifts and toys like stuffed animals, surfboard displays, and other assortments of gifts.

Margaret will expand her array of items as you buy more items from her. As it gets bigger she'll feel the need for more customers. She'll ask you to even sell balloons to get more customers to her store.


Name: Margaret

Age: 45

Gender: Female

Occupation: Curio Seller

Description: A very kind but stubborn lady. Sometimes she gets lazy and likes to use people to do her bidding.

Character EventsEdit

Did You Bring Fish?Edit

You have to bring Hank's request.

Get the package from Hank and give it to Margaret!

Can You Deliver the Package?Edit

You've been told to deliver a package to Ellen.

Give Ellen the package from Margaret and report it!

New Products!Edit

Margret has new products in store.

Check them out!

New Products in Stock!Edit

Margaret has more new products. Chack them out!

Gather customers!Edit

You've been asked to get customers through Balloon Present. Help her out!

Can You Do a Favor?Edit

Margaret has asked for another favor...

Do it for her...Maybe.

Counting on You!Edit

Margaret feels bad about asking you to do favours.

But she's still going to ask for a your help again...

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